Thursday, November 12, 2009


Alicia Bonifacio aka Alicia Mayer born  May 2, 1976 Caloocan City, Philippines.This 5' 6'' Long Brunette dark brown eyed sexy young lady loves  Chatting with friends, Nightout with girl friends, and Playing with her Nephews. she also fun of Lotions, Bags, Puppies, Computer, Tiny Clothes & Sexy Shoes, Coupons, and last but not the list Banana Hair
Conditioner by The Body Shop. Alicia Mayer known for being a model and at the same time a good actress. many guys wanted much more what this sexy young lady is showing.but as time was competing against alicia will this lovely lady survive the pressure of her choosen carrer?more about to come about alicia in this blog...keep updated guys..

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