Wednesday, December 2, 2009


What we have here is another sexy star that gives joy and probably warm up the nights of our fellow filipinos. After a clashing personalities that flooded philippine showbusiness career,one name shine above al. Sexy  star Francine Prieto was on a hurry making herself known to people Making sexy movies. Like Diana Zubiri Sexy, actress francine Prieto was also a pioneer member of viva hot babes. Right now the name is not that loud to the ears of sexymovie lovers. If were is francine Prieto right now i hope shes in good faith and for sure she is happy now for what she attain.

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from being host, actress, product endorser,model of most known clothing brands including jewelry. name it and this actress have it all. This very Prominent filipina actress Kris Aquino is one of the most popular name. Being the youngest daughter of te late Pres. Aquino and senator Ninoy Aquino, and the sister of Presently aiming for presidency Noynoy Aquino. Kris is one of the most popular icon in the Philippine show business of today. aside form being a member ao the most will known family in the country, kris also starred in some movies that hit philippine tv.But in behalf of this popularity and graciuos way of life. Kris Aquino also involve in some controversies. If you can still remember what happen to hem and to her boyfriend Joey Marques. That she allegedly accused of infecting him by some transferable desease. That part of this filipina actress lifes became the center page and headlines of almost all newspapers and as well as the internet. right now, kris is engage in her present husband, james Yap. A PBA player.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Krista Ranillo accept Pacman's sorry! yesterday night it was been aired to antional tv that the people's champ Manny Pacquiao ask forgiveness not only to the sexy actress krista ranillo but also for all the rest of the family.good thing is, the sexy star accepted it. but in behalf of this good outcome, still there are photos coming out revealing Manny and krista together with her father in Baguio. Some sources said that after all of these, Matt Ranillo is in the middle  of controversies between her daughter and Manny. But right now rest assured people will not stop thinking what will hapen next.

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Angel Locsin star studded in the pretigious International Emmy Awards Happen days ago. The pinay Actress was one of the nominee to the said award giving body  To her Previous teleserye "LOBO" with her co-star Piolo Pascual. The young actress was so happy to be nominated and according to her, she was so happy to represent the philippine even just oncein her lifetime. The young pinay actress beauty stand out with her proud to be Philippine made ball gownwith precious crystal all over. eventhough she was not declred winner after all it is our pride as pilipino that our fellowmen once again become part of the center stage sorrounded by people all over the world.

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Yes! you heard it right, in there teleserye Lovers in Paris  a korean nobela remake. Late episode shows that Vivian or KC in real life Chooses Carlo (Piolo Pascual) over Martin (Zanjoe Mrudo) . Will that is surely business for the rest of the guys of the Teleserye. But what do you think in real life guys, will for me, KC is in right age to choose who's gonna be her partner in life someday.And that would be a tough decision for KC.Will maybe that's because of him being the daughter of Mega Star Sharon Cuneta IGuess. Anyways, talking of right man for KC,Piolo will be one of the first in the line maybe because he's just not a good actor but also the mother of KC is infavor of him being the girlfriend of Mega star's daughter.For those KC-PIOLO fans out there just stay updated to these blog surely,i will not gonna miss every single detail about there relationship.

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In all of the controversies, allegation and all mlicious gossips that put the reputation of sexy actress krista ranillo questionable..but then spotlight is not included. Whay was that?Because new projects for the sexy actress is now line-up not only for tv but also for another cover page modeling.yes! you heard it right, sexy actress krista Ranilo will once again grace the pages of your favorite mens magazine here in the philippines. but whatever magazine will that be, is still a big question for the rest of us.but rest assured i will be one of the first to grab those copies.


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Monday, November 23, 2009


former kapamilya star Heart Evangelista was
now a succesful talent of GMA, playing the
newest soap opera of the said network titled
Fullhouse, this soap was been adopted toth
koreanobela before. This young actress heart evangelista
was also preparing for her upcoming movie together
with co stars in her mother studio right now.

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